We Have Recovered the Common Solution Program of Recovery returns its readers to the fundamental message and planned program of action offered to the world of alcoholism and addiction in 1939 when the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous was published; the same fundamental message that resulted in a 75% recovery rate by 1955.

If you are an alcoholic or addict or you love one, this book is for you. Questions asked and answered have led to a changed life for thousands of sufferers and their famalies.

Answers to questions like…
• Am I really an alcoholic or drug addict?

• Why can’t I stop drinking once I take the first drink?

• Why do I keep picking it up and using again and again when I don’t want to?

• Why doesn’t attendance at meetings or church services solve my problem?

• How can I help this person?

• What can I do about it all?

• Is there really a way out?